Searching for Sites on Instructional Design

I have found three sites that are intriguing and informative as a new student of instructional design and technology. There is a plethora of information and resources on the web that made the selection of just three a challenge. I selected the particular sites below because of information that was applicable to the work of an instructional designer in the field today, technological aptitude of the sites, and to the constructive learning of an instructional design student.

Rapid e-learning

If you are an instructional designer or a student of instructional design looking for a site with fresh ideas, great free tools, and straight forward information, then the Rapid e-learning Blog is for you. As an instructional design student, I found the articles to be clear and concise, a wonderful resource for tools that I might need as I develop applications in my courses, and a way to keep up with the current trends in the field. With the speed of technology, it is necessary to stay abreast of the new information and techniques so that I will be prepared as I step out of the academic world and begin a new career in instructional design. I realize that this blog is also used to promote conferences and workshops as well as Articulate software, but the relevant content seems to outweigh the salesmanship and self-promotion.

Making Change

An additional site of merit is a blog, Making Change, written by Cathy Moore that states the purpose of her blog as a place to “find practical ideas that will help you create lively, powerful elearning for adults in the business world” (Moore, 2010). Offering an atmosphere that caters to corporate training was important for me as a learner so that I could consider professional opportunities in educational, corporate, and non-profit environments. This site considers learning from a training perspective, offers free webinars on current topics, and provides suggestions for how to make elearning more successful with daily tips and design strategies.

Usable Learning Blog

The Usable Learning Blog has entertaining and thought-provoking posts about educational learning strategies. I found the article Game-like engagement for learning interesting from the perspective of teaching children and how to engage them as learners. In a society where the children are more adept than the adults with technology, this article suggests that designers and educators need to find ways to promote learning and use technology in unconventional methods to capture and successfully teach all types of learners. The articles are well-written, concepts are creative, and suggestions are worthy of consideration. I found this blog to be less conventional, but very in tune with today’s technological world and the perspective of the learner.


Moore, C. (2010, September 7). Making Change. Retrieved from http://blog.cathy-

Photo credit: Lynda Bernhardt


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I am an Instructional Design student at Walden University.
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One Response to Searching for Sites on Instructional Design

  1. Kate Eskesen says:

    I loved your picks. I picked two of them, also. I also read the third one and loved it. Thank you for including it in your Posts and feeds.

    Kate Eseksen

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